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"A customer once told me, We Sell Happiness” says owner Dirk Arnold. Visiting The Candy Crate and Candy Mountain Fudge is a tradition for many families visiting Red River, and we’ve been here long enough that many of the children who used to visit us on vacation with their parents are now adults bringing their own children to visit!

The Candy Crate and Candy Mountain Fudge is a nostalgic candy store and gift shop well known for our signature product, Candy Mountain Fudge. Lovingly made at an altitude of 8,750 feet, over forty varieties of fudge are available throughout the year. Seasonal fudge flavors such as Key Lime, Penuchi Nut, and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip are highly anticipated. Green Chile Pistachio Fudge and Red Chile Chocolate Pecan Fudge anchor the New Mexico flavors and are made with New Mexico chile powder and nuts.

If you can’t make it to Red River, let us send a little bit of Red River to you!